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SOCIENTIZE aims at creating a common forum for cooperation between e-Infrastructure providers and citizen science infrastructures providers, including any end-user with interest in contributing to the scientific process. This framework can be seen as a thematic network where all partners will contribute with knowledge and resources, expanding beyond structural borders into society at large. 

The main objectives of the project:

  • Foster interaction and coordination between all citizen-science actors: researchers, resources providers, system administrators, and volunteers from the society. A common interface will be created by offering common tools and workspaces for all of them, by deploying society-pull research and presenting results in an attractive way, including artistic and innovation oriented features.
  • Promotion of the capabilities of the c-infrastructures, not only in general terms but also presenting concrete results. Our aim is to convince other research infrastructure providers and users, specialized researchers and people at home that it is possible to make top-level science by opening the labs and easing interaction and contribution from amateur scientists.
  • Integration of existing solutions and users communities that aim to share experiences and innovate creating common solutions. Apart from existing citizen science practices this project will also deploy a set of concrete experiments that focus on specific topics and will add new resources to the available research infrastructures.
  • Compilation and sharing of best user practices oriented towards researchs, infrastructures users and providers, as well as policy-‐makers recommendations for implementing citizen science.