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White Paper on Citizen Science

All the partners involved, plus the subcontractors and the External Advisory Board will interact with the rest of stakeholders in order to compile best experiencies, recommendations and work plan for the near and intermediate future. As a result of these open discussions, a White Book of the Citizen Science will be created which may be used by policy makers when setting up future strategies of citizen engagement in the excellence in science. 

This document should set the basis for the future deployment of any experiment or development work in this area. We will ask for open contributions in a global scale, covering aspect such as:

  • open science
  • students curricula
  • sustainability models
  • incentives and motivation
  • data science
  • sharing knowledge
  • collective intelligence
  • social bussiness responsability
  • advanced training
  • e-infrastructures

The White Paper on Citizen Science in Europe aims to support policy makers on European, national and regional level when setting up future strategies of civic engagement in the excellence in science. The document's prémiere will be held in Brussels, 22 th september, during Socientize event Citizen Science Europe. You can check full schedule for this day in our website. White Paper deserves our best gratitude for ourt partner ZSI from Wien, Austria.

The debate and consultation had collected  the experiences and opinions from the divers set of stakeholders and has been organised during diverse stages of the project. All contributors will be named in the list of contributors of the White Paper. 

Download white paper